Alex Park and Irina Kolotova

Borth originally from Ukraine, after completing studies @Antwerp Management School, they continued their professional journeys in Belgium. Now Irina is working in Supply Chain Management and Alex – in Sales & Support @ CRM company and starting his own project. They attended 4 ABC events so far (intercultural business, negotiations, sharing economy & EQ). Find out below what they think of ABC

Alex: “I love the topics, the athmosphere and the networking parts. What ABC does different is to really engage people who come to this event to interact with the group.”
Irina: “From the negotiation event I’ve improved my approach in negotiation technique. You should place yourself in the other’s shoes, really understand them and try to find a solution that benefits both sides. You have to negotiate together, not as opponents. I’ve also found some very good books about the topic thanks to the event.”

Irina: “What I love about ABC that I can find people from other nationalities, backgrounds, industries, etc. but with the same lifestyle: they are all open-minded, eager to learn about business and have a very human approach. ABC is about sharing experiences, the events do far more than just the obligatory 1 hour listening to a lecture.”