Dimos is currently doing his internship as a marketing data analyst within Bosch. It is hard to believe that the first evening he arrived in Belgium, Dimos went to attend the ABC event! Since then he has attended 5 events in total, which made him one of our regulars.

If you want to connect with Dimos, feel free to contact him on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dimosthenis-papadopoulos/

“ABC helps you express your opinion, engage with ideas and meet like-minded professionals with many different backgrounds and experiences. Sharing insights has never been easier.”

” ABC reminds me to be Aware Bold Curious”

Dimos Papadopoulos, Greek

Rik attended 2 events @ ABC

“I love making connections here. At ABC this happens not like in the traditional way of handing out business cards, but by emerging out of your connections, sharing real experiences and gathering input from professionals from whole other industries”

Rik Crevits, Belgian, advises companies,

Digital Transformation Strategist with 7+ yrs of experience & passion for inspiring women to realise their potential. Lived in 7 countries finally landing in Belgium. Founder of 2 projects: IQloris – lifehacks blog & Success.Studio – Digital Marketing for Small to Medium EntrepreneursCurrently supporting Fearless Female Founders group.

Why attending ABC? “I like the engagement you get at all ABC’s events. It’s not a one-way street, the organisers actively involve you in a conversation which makes it more lively and interesting. ABC is also great for networking!”

Anna Boroshok, Digital Transformation Strategist

Borth originally from Ukraine, after completing studies @Antwerp Management School, they continued their professional journeys in Belgium. Now Irina is working in Supply Chain Management and Alex – in Sales & Support @ CRM company and starting his own project. They attended 4 ABC events so far (intercultural business, negotiations, sharing economy & EQ). Find out below what they think of ABC

Alex: “I love the topics, the athmosphere and the networking parts. What ABC does different is to really engage people who come to this event to interact with the group.”
Irina: “From the negotiation event I’ve improved my approach in negotiation technique. You should place yourself in the other’s shoes, really understand them and try to find a solution that benefits both sides. You have to negotiate together, not as opponents. I’ve also found some very good books about the topic thanks to the event.”

Irina: “What I love about ABC that I can find people from other nationalities, backgrounds, industries, etc. but with the same lifestyle: they are all open-minded, eager to learn about business and have a very human approach. ABC is about sharing experiences, the events do far more than just the obligatory 1 hour listening to a lecture.”

Alex Park and Irina Kolotova

Roderick Huiskamp is a 31-year old strategy professional working in a large corporate. He’s passionate about business models and start-ups. Read combined thoughts around those on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/roderickhuiskamp/) or Medium (https://medium.com/@RoderickH).

For him, Antwerp Business Community is the right combination of networking and personal development. The sessions and other members are so diverse that surely you’ll be learning something new !

Roderick Huiskamp, business strategy professional

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