ABC#8 Networking & International Business & Cultural Differences


Date: 25th July 2017

Time: 7.00pm – 10:00pm

Place: Startbloc, Antwerpen, Belgium


In the international business world, communication is imperative for the successful execution of daily operations. Understanding cultural differences and overcoming language barriers are some of the considerations people should have when dealing with business with people of various cultures.

Often business deals are lost because the parties involved did not take the time to learn about each other’s cultures prior to interacting. International business deals not only cross borders, they also cross cultures. Culture profoundly influences how people think, communicate, and behave. It also affects the kinds of transactions they make and the way they are negotiated.

As your business grows, you may develop a diverse group of employees. While diversity often enriches the workplace, it can bring a host of complications as well. Various cultural differences can interfere with productivity or cause conflict among employees. Stereotypes and ignorance about different traditions and mannerisms can lead to disruptions and the inability of certain workers to work effectively as a team.

Furthermore, in this event, we will use real-life examples from our organizers who have had experience in international business from in various countries and how they overcame the cross-cultural differences.


International_Business_and_cultural_differences_slides (1)



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