ABC#3 Networking & Women in the Corporate World

Date: 28th February 2017

Time: 7.00pm – 10:00pm

Place:  KBC StartIt, Antwerpen, Belgium


We are happy to announce our next event “Networking and Women in the Corporate World” that will take place at 7pm, 28th of February (Tuesday) at the KBC tower (10th floor, Schoenmarkt 35, Antwerpen). Book this date in your agenda and join us on FB or meetup. Please bear in mind that this event is focused on both men and women who are interested in removing the gender gap, understanding better the challenges women face in the corporate world and finding the ways to solve it or simply having a great time & meeting interesting people, therefore men are also more than welcome!

As a tradition, we will start our session with networking introducing a new fun ice-breaker, then we will share with you several insights on the topic and discuss it in groups. The highlight of the session will be a roundtable with several guest speakers – successful female leaders representing different business spheres and coming from a different background. Discussing their views on the problem and their finding from personal and professional experience will help us to discover together the full extent of the problem and learn a lot.







Report-2.WOMEN IN-BUSINESS-Grant-Thorton





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