ABC Networking & Citizen Lobbying


Date: 25 Nov 2021 Time: 7.00pm – 10:00pm Place: to be announced


ABC is back this November & the topic of the month is Citizen Lobbying: no one is too small to make a difference! Our current day society wrestles with a lot of challenges, from climate to poverty, from traffic safety to health and structural racism. More often than not, policymakers remain silent or contribute to the problem. Lobbying efforts from citizens can change this. Examples such as the introduction of a sugar tax, the ending of roaming in the EU, the blocking of building new airports and coal power stations speak to the imagination. During our ABC event, we will
  • Learn from experts what is citizen lobbying & what is a step-by-step approach to make it happen
  • Experience the journey of a real citizen lobbyist working in groups on different issues you want to tackle & developing strategies and potential actions to influence policy makers
  • Share our personal views, ideas and thoughts, meet new like-minded curious minds & simply have fun
Get to know our amazing ABC guests who will coordinate the workshop:
  • Vincent Bellinkx is passionate about making life better for everyone. He has a PhD in international environmental law and has been working and teaching on sustainability and citizen empowerment in Belgium as well as in South Africa, Brazil and India. Currently combining environmental activism, farming and academic work, he is -together with other his partners in crime- starting up a training school for citizen lobbyists.
  • Nemo Raes works as documentary maker at social impact production house Bootsman. He was co-founder of sustainability lab Atopia and is active in the cooperative movement.
Do not forget to get your eventbrite ticket:



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