ABC #30 Networking & Job Hunting


Date: 3oth July 2019

Time: 7.00pm – 10:00pm

Place: Humgy


Everyone who had the experience of job hunting knows that it is not easy: applications, CVs, motivation letters, interviews, cases, assessment centers. Most of us had to apply to more than one position to get accepted – therefore we all have a lot to share about tricks that helped you land a job and deal breakers to be aware of.

From the other side of the coin, HR professionals do what is within their power to secure the best candidate for a corporate position – they can share helpful tips and recommendations how to succeed in a job hunting.

ABC #30 Networking & Job Hunting will be entirely a content driven event by the audience and attendees. Thus, no key-speaker will be present.

During this event we will:
– Discuss about both ends and perspectives of the table: interview pitfalls, bottlenecks, deal breakers
– Discuss the current recruitment processes and suggest improvements
– Get some tips on improving our job application processes

To improve the quality of the event we are looking for HR professionals who would be happy to be part of the discussion above!

If you are an HR professional who meets the above criteria, do let us know!

Purchasing a Free Ticket on Eventbrite is mandatory to attend this event!


Files to be downloaded:

to be updated


TICKET link:



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