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Our mission is to bring curious minds together and enable them to exchange knowledge and learn from each other.

Antwerp Business Community is a non-for-profit organization

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About us

Networking: what comes to mind when you think of it? You most likely have memories of small talks with strangers—you remember how bored you were, repeating the same memorised lines about yourself over and over again during the evening. However, everything can be as good as we want it to be, and this certainly applies to networking.

The purpose of Antwerp Business Community is to bring curious minds together and enable them to exchange knowledge and learn from each other while building a strong professional network.

ABC is a non-for-profit community organising monthly networking events in Antwerp Belgium, on business & leadership-related topics,  has come up with a way to make networking events much more enjoyable. Don’t focus on just exchanging business cards—exchange ideas instead! If interested, check out the upcoming ABC events and prepare to fall in love with networking.

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Roderick Huiskamp is a 31-year old strategy professional working in a large corporate. He’s passionate about business models and start-ups. Read combined thoughts around those on LinkedIn ( or Medium (

For him, Antwerp Business Community is the right combination of networking and personal development. The sessions and other members are so diverse that surely you’ll be learning something new !

Roderick Huiskamp, business strategy professional

Rik attended 2 events @ ABC

“I love making connections here. At ABC this happens not like in the traditional way of handing out business cards, but by emerging out of your connections, sharing real experiences and gathering input from professionals from whole other industries”

Rik Crevits, Belgian, advises companies,

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We value your feedback and use it to improve the events we host. If you have any feedback regarding the event or the quality of service provided, please complete the form below. All submissions will be read only by the ABC Team Organisers.